About US


The SN-TX brand started from a music production project, that inspired us to create a world around the sound. We expanded into a merchandise store that combines Music, Technology and Apparel.

We are an urban brand in our DNA, and as such we value artistic expression, responsible creativity and human connections.  


Behind SN-TX, we are 2 artists and designers, coming from diverse backgrounds.

"c.W" is a designer and artist, whose realm is the analog world. "sn-tx" the artist is the force behind the digital creations.


Our designs and artworks are made, curated and provided exclusively for this store.


As of January 2024, our t-shirts are made exclusively with 100% organic cotton. Other garments are made of cotton and recycled polyester.

Our sole supplier complies with the OCS 100 certification, the OSC Blended standard and the FSC Mix certification. Their infrastructure allows us to automate your purchase from order to shipment, and securely deliver our shipments worldwide. 


We rely on the Print on Demand service provided by our supplier, to prevent waste from overproduction.

Delivery & Shipping

Our fulfillment suppliers deliver from their closest Hub, in the US and in Europe. We ship worldwide, to US and EU under 15 days. For more info on this topic, please visit this page.

Syntax der Bass Katze

Our official logo is the cat called Syntax, a.k.a Der Bass Katze.

We also feature logos from friend projects such H-Leaf, Quatrain and other creative ventures.


Designed with ❤️ in Berlin. Made for everywhere.