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EP | Quatrain 5

EP | Quatrain 5

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Quatrain 5 is the latest installment of the Quatrain EPs.

This EP is a nothing but electronic and digital, as a wave to the real physical world, and specifically to the sampling business. There are 4 tracks that swing sometimes, and de-tune the atmosphere another time.

The artwork for the cover is an extension of the sonic art, and was made by c.W. It is a digital picture of a print work, done by hand and printed on fake leather. The pattern itself is a direct print from an organic coral, that was then transferred to the fabric.

The process to make the covert was 100% manual, before the digital picture was taken.

Credits for the artwork: c.W (SN-TX)

Releases April, 2024

This is a digital product, and a purchase provides a link to download the soundtracks from Bandcamp.

When you purchase the album, you will get a confirmation on your email address, and receive a download link from us under 24 hours right in your inbox.

With this link you will be able to download the music from Bandcamp at no additional cost.

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